Why choose us to help you organise

your stag party ?


Organiser un enterrement de vie de garçon

Lisbon has become THE trendy capital to take your friend as he’s ready to get hitched.

Why ?

- Sunshine

- Amazing value for money

- A few hours away by plane !

- Diverse party activities

- A breathtakingly beautiful city

- Close-by beaches

- The ideal place to unwind, relax and party

But of course, you already know this.

If you’re reading these lines, you’re already considering Lisbon as a destination for an original, fun and exciting stay. Without doing the same as everybody else or emptying your saving account. Every travel agency will tell you the same thing.

But Voyage à Lisbonne offers more

We will organise your stag party considering Lisbon’s many advantages.

But also make you discover some of the city’s hidden treasures, treasures even us are constantly uncovering.

And that is what we do best. No pre-made packages, but bespoke experiences. And no set budget.

In a nutshell, “escape the traditional path and make your stag party unforgettable.”

Our bespoke programme includes: transfer, accommodation, catering and activities

Without unveiling our secret restaurants, accommodations and venues, which you will receive in your free quote, here’s a non-comprehensive list of the activities we can book for your stag party. It's all exclusive and we guarantee a personal, original touch !



All of this, without a set budget. You pick and choose. We create your programme for you and negotiate the cost.

* Organisation fee